Old Ironsides

(Cruze, 1926) Music composed and compiled by Hugo Riesenfeld.

Used to raise money for the restoration of the U. S. S. Constitution, Old Ironsides is the swashbuckling adventure story about the victory of the infant American marines against the Tripoltanian pirates. Starring a salty Walter Beery, the battle sequences were (and are) the occasion for numerous sound effects and a doubling of the size of the visual image. These battles gave rise to the line “From the shores of Monteczuma to the shores of Tripoli” in the Marine hymn. This picture is perfect for a patriotic holiday.


Performing forces
11 players (violin I and II, cello, bass, flute/pic, clarinet I, trumpet, trombone, piano, synthesizer, perc/tymp.)
Performing forces
44 players (strings: 7,7,6,5,4: flute-pic., oboe, clarinet I and II, bassoon, 2 trumpets,2 Fr. Hns, trombone, piano, percussion, tympani, sound effects).
Rehearsals Two 2 ½ hour rehearsals
One 2 ½ hour tech rehearsal
One three hour ten minute dress rehearsal with film
Performance time 2 hours 15 minutes plus 15 minute intermission
Film speed 22 frames per second
Film source Paramount Studios (35% of ticket sales or negotiable)
Rights Paramount
artwork:Lidia Bagnoli