Plastic Age, The

(Wesley Ruggles, 1925) Music compiled by Gillian Anderson.

A farse about a college athlete who is able to pursue his studies and his athletic career only by staying away from his true love. Starring the IT girl, Clara Bow. Clara Bow in The Plastic Age expresses the youthful exuberance and 1920's playfulness that made her an icon of the era and an unqualified screen legend. At Prescott college, she evokes the carefree lifestyle of the fast crowd with its ribald pranks, wild parties and heavy petting. In addition to male leads Donald Keith and Gilbert Roland, a very young Clark Gable can be glimpsed in several scenes as one of Prescott College’s charismatic revelers.

Performing forces
11 players (violin I & II, cello, bass, flute/pic, clarinet I, trumpet I, trombone, percussion/tympani, piano, synthesizer)
Performing forces
44 players (strings: 7,7,6,5,4; flute/pic, oboe, clarinet I & II, bassoon, 2 trumpets, 2 Fr. horns, trombone, harp, piano, 2 percussion, tympani.)
Rehearsals One 2 ½ hour rehearsal with orchestra
One 2 ½ hour technical rehearsal with film
One 2 1/2 hour dress rehearsal with orchestra and film
Performance time 1 hour 13 minutes
Film speed 22 frames per second
Film source Blackhawk Internationall
DVD source
Image Entertainmentl
artwork:Lidia Bagnoli