White Sister, The

(King, 1923) Music compiled from original cue sheet.

Lillian Gish is the daughter of a rich Italian count who is killed in a fall from his horse. Though Lillian stands to inherit a large estate, her older half-sister burns the will and thus inherits the property herself, throwing Lillian into poverty. Fortunately, she is engaged to marry the dashing officer Ronald Coleman, but he is captured by Arabs on an expedition to Africa. Dedicating her life to his memory, Lillian becomes a nun, unaware that her lover has escaped his captors and is returning to Italy! The climax takes place against a backdrop of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Performing forces
11 players (2 violins, cello, bass, clute/piccolo, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion/tympani, piano, synthesizer)
Performing forces
32 players (strings: 5,5,3,3,2; flute/piccolo, oboe, 2 clarinet, basson, 2 trumpets, 2 French horns, trombone, harp, piano, percussion, tympani) and four singers SATB
Rehearsals Two 2 ½ hour rehearsals
One 3 hour 10 minute tech rehearsal
One 3 hour 10 minute dress rehearsal
Performance time 2 hours 23 minutes with an additional 15 minute intermission
Film speed 23 frames per second
Film source Raymond Rohauer Collection sepia colored print (NOT THE TECHNICOLOR)
The British Film Institute Lending Library technicolor print.
Rights MGM
artwork:Lidia Bagnoli